Why we’re book nerds at heart

For many of us, our first love was reading. From a young age, we fell deeply for words and their ability to combine in countless ways to create fantastic stories that took us on exciting and often life-changing adventures. As we grew older and discovered the wonderful world of YA, that affinity for books only blossomed further. At present, we can tell you two things for certain: we are book nerds at heart and we heart YA.   With love in the air as February 14th approaches, we want to learn more about what it was that fueled your passion for YA. Using the hashtag #LoveYourShelf on Twitter or Instagram, share with us what it is about YA that attracted you to the genre. It’s this simple idea of showing your shelf some love that is at the crux of this year’s annual I read YA celebration of Valentine’s Day, I heart YA.   Starting today, head over to @IreadYA’s social pages (on TwitterInstagramFacebook, and Tumblr) to find fun Valentine’s Day-themed content all designed to share the love stories we’re currently gushing over and to hopefully connect you with the next book you’ll fall head over heels for. From gorgeous bookstagrams to fun blog posts to unmissable giveaways and beyond, I read YA has what it takes to get any book nerd’s pulse racing!