Shark Week and some killer reads!

This week is one of my favorite weeks of summer because it’s Shark Week! For those of you not familiar with Shark Week, it’s a week-long special on the Discovery Channel which features shark-based programming.

To celebrate Shark Week, we wanted to share some of our favorite shark inspired books and resources.

As a Jersey Shore native one of my favorite shark-based books is I Survived the Shark Attacks of 1916” by Lauren Tarshis. In this book Lauren shares the story of young boy from New Jersey who comes face to face with a shark in the local creek miles from the ocean! Watch the book trailer below:

Scholastic News Online shares that beach goers in Massachusetts may be swimming with great white sharks this summer, but don’t worry there has not been a fatal shark attack in Cape Cod in more than 80 years. The article also shares interesting facts about great white sharks including every time a great white loses a tooth, a tooth in the row behind it slides into place.

Looking for other shark themed books? Check out our list below: