In Our Feeds: Elena Ferrante, Stephen Colbert as Caesar Flickerman, and preparing for vacation like a librarian

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The 2015 National Book Award longlist of nominees was released this week, just in time for you to update your fall reading list.

Some libraries aren't just for books anymore: the New York Times explores public libraries across the country that offer untraditional items patrons can check out, like cake pans, fishing rods, and ukuleles. (Although you still may need to check out a book to teach you how to play!)

If you have an EYE for detail, BuzzFeed has a new Harry Potter quiz you can take: Can You Identify The “Harry Potter” Character By Just Their Eyes? (Sorry, I can’t resist a good pun!)

Summer doesn’t officially end until next Wednesday, so here are some literary vacations you can take before the sweaters and pumpkin spice lattés come back!

If you loved Gossip Girl, then you’ll love … Edith Wharton! Flavorwire talks about the author’s lighter works and how they can quell your literary craving for scandal and guilty pleasure reads.

A must-read: this fascinating exploration of book marketing; privacy and pseudonyms; and what happens when an author (in this case, Elena Ferrante) announces they will make no public appearances to promote their work. 

If you don’t read very often (hey, everyone’s different!), then Bustle recommends that you at least read these 20 most-talked-about and influential works

Just in time for back-to-school: what makes reading about magical boarding schools so appealing to adults?

Want to be a better traveler and make the most out of your trips? Prepare like a librarian!

On his new late-night talk show, Stephen Colbert spoofed the 2016 election with a Hunger Games parody and a spot-on impersonation of Caesar Flickerman

J.K. Rowling recently tweeted it's "starting to feel like the dawn of the Age of Hufflepuff," and The Atlantic has a passionate article in defense the Hogwarts house home to Cedric Diggory

A librarian and school teacher teamed up to start the podcast The Yarn to breakdown how ideas become books, and most recently talked to Jennifer and Matthew Holm about their graphic novel Sunny Side Up! (You can check out episodes featuring Scholastic’s David Levithan and Smile author/artist Raina Telgemeier!)