Meet Victor Shmud and enter for a chance to win a piece of original art from Jim Benton

Jim Benton, the author of the Dear Dumb Diary series is back with a hilarious new series, and we are so excited to debut the book trailer!

Meet Victor Shmud, total expert in everything. Victor Shmud has been many things: Knuckle Doctor, a Hunter of Ghost Bears, a Tattoo Artist, the Guy at the Restaurant Who Puts the Sugar in Those Little Envelopes, a Computer Scientist, an Octopus Wrestler, and a Wedding Planner. In fact, he's been nearly everything (definitely not a Guy Who Cleans Up Bedrooms yet). But his newest gig is beautifuller (yes, that's a word. He's also a Licensed Wordmaker). He can make anyone gorgeous, with a gob of his beauty treatment (complete with Mustard Molecules). But before he can work his beautifuller magic, he's vaporized (along with his associate, the very fluffy Dumpylumps) by a video game. Will Victor ever get back to Earth? Also, is it someone's birthday, and will there be cupcakes?

Watch the book trailer for Victor Shmud: Total Expert by Jim Benton here:


Victor is an expert in EVERYTHING. One day he decides he's an octopus wrestler, the next he's a computer scientist, and the day after that, he's an expert bird veterinarian! We want to know: If you could be an expert of ANYTHING for a day, what would it be? Tell us in the comments below and you'll be entered for a chance to win one of five pieces of original art from Jim Benton. 

One entry per person. All entries must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. ET on Thursday, September 21, 2017. U.S. residents, 18 and over, please. See the complete legal rules here.


I'd be an expert in making everyone feel welcome!

I'd be an expert fundraiser for my reading students, so they could each buy $50 dollars worth of books for their household libraries!

I would be an expert at baking so I could share delicious treats with everyone.

I would be an expert at motivation to get my students enthusiastic about their future and doing what they need to so they can succeed.

i would be a organizational expert to get my room clean!