How our reading habits have changed in the past two decades

Morgan Baden  October 31st, 2013 

USA TODAY has been curating their bestseller list for 20 years now. In looking back at it, they wonder: what does the list say about what we read, and how we read...

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A fright-filled day

Morgan Baden  October 30th, 2013 

Tomorrow is Halloween! That means we spent our day today:


A. getting some social media spooks with R.L. Stine

B. eating Halloween-themed cupcakes

"I'm Nobody! Who are you?"

Suzanne McCabe  October 29th, 2013 

Emily Dickinson died more than a century ago. But the Belle of Amherst still speaks to us. Her disdain for convention would be recognizable to anyone who challenges the...

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What will our children be for Halloween this year?

Jessica Watson  October 29th, 2013 

Michael and I have been struggling with the age old question that faces parents of toddlers in late October – what will our children be for Halloween this year?


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Meet the artist: Jeff Kinney

Megan Kaesshaefer  October 28th, 2013 

By now, you should all about our new project, The Art of Read Every Day. (If not, here's a quick recap: The Art of Read Every Day features artwork from 13 of our favorite...

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Goosebumps from around the world

Guest Blogger  October 28th, 2013 

I’m Matt, the editor of Goosebumps. You might already know that in the newest Goosebumps books R.L. Stine has been writing about the Most Wanted Goosebumps villains of all...

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I SPY a Spooky Giveaway

Lia Zneimer  October 25th, 2013  Comments • 36

Halloween is just around the corner, and we have a guest post from Scholastic Media's Amabel Ryan about a spook-tacular giveaway!

Kazu Kibuishi's magical world of the library

Megan Kaesshaefer  October 25th, 2013 

This week, we've shared with you Kazu Kibuishi's illustration and companion resources that are a part of our Art of Read Every Day campaign. We recently had each Art of...

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In Our Feeds: Well-read pumpkins, Stephen King, viral videos and more!

Michael Barrett  October 25th, 2013 

Each Friday, we share a handful of links we found interesting, provocative, funny — or just plain cool. We call it In Our Feeds. Have a good weekend!


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Choices magazine, now on the Kindle Fire!

Kristen Joerger  October 24th, 2013  Comments • 2

Big news from Choices magazine today -- we're now available on the Kindle Fire!

Confessions of a reading one-upper

Megan Kaesshaefer  October 24th, 2013  Comments • 1

It happened again this weekend. I was chatting with friends over lunch, when one of them casually mentioned she had just picked up a new book, Tenth of December,...

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Get spooked! R.L. Stine will take over Scholastic's social media on October 30

Morgan Baden  October 24th, 2013  Comments • 1

It's a time-honored tradition, and it's back!

The view from Frankfurt, guest post by Scholastic’s Foreign Rights Team

Emma Brockway  October 24th, 2013 

Today OOM welcomes Noël Baca Castex, Janelle DeLuise, Caite Panzer, Hillary Doyle, and Veronica Grijalva (pictured from left to right, photo credit: Christina...

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Year of the Jungle Q&A with Suzanne Collins and James Proimos

Emma Brockway  October 24th, 2013 

Today OOM welcomes Publicity Manager Sheila Marie Everett to the blog to share some fascinating insight into Year of the Jungle...

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New and improved “Common Sense for Common Core” website

Alexandra Wladich  October 23rd, 2013 

Do you have questions about the Common Core State Standards? Are you looking for free resources and nonfiction and literature book lists? Well, look no further!

Meet Pura Belpré, the first Latina librarian of the NYPL

Guest Blogger  October 23rd, 2013 

Hispanic Heritage Month just ended on October 15, and in celebration, Concetta Gleason (from Scholastic's Spanish and Bilingual Reading Club) is here with a...

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Pumpkin carving for lit lovers

Lia Zneimer  October 23rd, 2013 

With Halloween almost upon us, it's the perfect time for spooky reads (Goosebumps, anyone?), literary costumes (I'm leaning toward Katniss), and, of course, pumpkin carvin...

Why is Pre-K so important?

Morgan Baden  October 22nd, 2013  Comments • 3

Children are human sponges, soaking up all the sights and sounds that surround them -- perhaps in even more ways than we initially thought.

8 books to read while you wait for the next Wimpy Kid!

Kristen Joerger  October 22nd, 2013  Comments • 4

Do you know a The Diary of a Wimpy Kid fan who can't wait for Book 8? Read on for some excellent book recommendations from Maggie McGuire at the Scholastic Parents...

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Meet the artist: Kazu Kibuishi

Megan Kaesshaefer  October 21st, 2013  Comments • 4

This week, we continue to highlight the work of some of our favorite children's book illustrators who contributed stunning artwork to our "The Art of Read Every Day" ...

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Signed books galore and a giveaway!

Michael Strouse  October 21st, 2013  Comments • 29

Last week, I stood in the birthday party room at The Scholastic Store and realized that a large chunk of my 9-12 section was spread across the countertop and several...

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In Our Feeds: Literary fashion, authors’ pets, brain function and more!

Brittany Sullivan  October 18th, 2013 

Each Friday, we share a handful of links we found interesting, provocative, funny — or just plain cool. We call it In Our Feeds. Have a good...

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Halloween is sneaking up on us

Lia Zneimer  October 18th, 2013 

Kristen Joerger rounds up some of our favorite Halloween resources.

It’s that spooky time of year again! Halloween is just a few weeks away, so we thought...

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Decoding music to make education relevant for children today

Alexandra Wladich  October 18th, 2013 

While at the 3rd Annual Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Symposium, I caught up with Byron Garrett, Chairman of the National Family Engagement Alliance (NFEA) to...

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Celebrating Teen Read Week: a guest post from This is Teen

Lia Zneimer  October 17th, 2013 

A guest post from Emily Morrow of This is Teen, an initiative that connects teens with their favorite Scholastic authors and books, building a community of readers....