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Handmade for the holidays, from our friends at KLUTZ!

Guest Blogger November 16th, 2015

What's better than a heartfelt gift during the holidays?

Talking math with parents ( can do it!)

Guest Blogger November 10th, 2015

We know that communicating with parents can be one of the toughest parts of being an educator. But as parent-teacher conferences roll around, it’s a great...

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Kids are authors! Encouraging a new generation of writers

Guest Blogger November 2nd, 2015

Winning a national book writing contest before you turn 10 is pretty cool. Having that book published by Scholastic…even cooler. Receiving a congratulatory message – in...

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Win Buzz Aldrin’s book about traveling to Mars!

Guest Blogger October 14th, 2015

Recently, former astronaut Buzz Aldrin came to Scholastic to talk about his new kids book about Mars and his dreams for exploring the solar system. It was such an honor...

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Get Goosebumps this October

Guest Blogger October 1st, 2015

It’s October, and here at Scholastic that means it’s the month of Goosebumps! 

Here be dragons: books for baby nerds

Guest Blogger September 18th, 2015

Guest blogger Mariah Lewis is a Library Assistant in The Scholastic Library & Archive.

Reality in fictional worlds: a "My Bookprint" post

Guest Blogger August 26th, 2015

Hi!  I am Mariah, the new Library Assistant with the Scholastic Library and Archive.  You can find me in the library working on cataloging wonderful books, providing...

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Books about dogs!

Guest Blogger August 26th, 2015

Today is National Dog Day! From the tiniest of Chihuahuas to the biggest of Great Danes, we here at Scholastic love our dogs. Don’t fret if you don’t have a furry one to...

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Quick hits: 5 short books to read before summer ends

Guest Blogger August 17th, 2015

It's mid-August! *cue screams* In case you've been slacking on your summer reading goals, here's a helpful idea from Scholastic intern Megan Magruder, a rising...

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5 "summer survival" tips for parents

Guest Blogger August 14th, 2015

The first few weeks of summer are pure magic. But now it's August, and kids have gone from no-homework happy to “I’m bored!”

Well, Klutz has you covered! Here are...

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