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Must-read picture books and chapter books: Scholastic's Fall 2017 Online Preview (and a giveaway!)

Emily Morrow May 30th, 2017

Learn more about the picture books and chapter books we're excited to publish this fall with our Fall 2017 Online Preview, PLUS enter for a chance to win advance copies!...

Summer Reading Challenge update: week 3

Emily Morrow May 30th, 2017

We're already three weeks in to the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge and so far (as of 11:30 AM ET), kids have logged more than 29 MILLION reading minutes!...

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The Adventures of John Blake Twitter takeover

Emily Morrow May 30th, 2017

The Adventures of John Blake by Philip Pullman hits stores today, and in honor of its release, @GraphixBooks (our graphic novel imprint) hosted a #...

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On the podcast: Three authors talk about writing war for young readers

Emily Morrow May 26th, 2017

Memorial Day Is May 29, and though it's often a time of reflection and patriotism, we realize that it can also be a moment to talk with the children in your life...

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ICYMI: Dav Pilkey drawing live with The New York Times Books

Emily Morrow May 26th, 2017

Watch Dav Pilkey draw and answer questions live with The New York Times Books!

Too many books, too little shelf space

Emily Morrow May 19th, 2017

Our book-loving bloggers share the creative ways they organize their book collections! 

On the podcast: Meet the Kids Press

Emily Morrow May 11th, 2017

Allow us to introduce you to the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps!

Klutz wants to help you celebrate a handmade Mother's Day

Emily Morrow May 10th, 2017

Mother's Day is almost here, and our friends at Klutz are encouraging families everywhere to celebrate with handmade gifts! Each day this week, they're sharing craft-...

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The 5 fictional teachers we wish were real

Emily Morrow May 8th, 2017

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week! Scholastic LOVES teachers, so we're celebrating all week long.

On the podcast: Emma Donoghue and The Lotterys Plus One

Emily Morrow May 4th, 2017

This week on the podcast, we sat down with Emma Donoghue, the acclaimed author of Room, to talk about her newest book for kids, The Lotterys Plus One....

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