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Travel through time this Leap Day!

Brooke Shearouse February 29th, 2016

Thanks to leap year, today on OOM we get to celebrate an extra day on the calendar. This has us thinking—what if we could get the most out of our year with a little time...

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Celebrate National Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Brooke Shearouse February 26th, 2016

Today on OOM we’re celebrating National Tell a Fairy Tale Day with the enchanting New York Times bestselling Scholastic series Whatever After by Sarah Mlynowski...

Grab the popcorn…and books!

Brooke Shearouse February 25th, 2016

Today on OOM we’re celebrating the Oscars with some of our favorite books from Scholastic that made the leap from the page to the silver screen. From the hilarious to the...

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Beetle mania comes to the U.S.

Brooke Shearouse February 24th, 2016

We caught up with U.K.-based debut author M. G. Leonard to discuss her new middle-grade adventure Beetle Boy, about some amazingly intelligent beetles and a...

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Honoring Jackie Robinson

Brooke Shearouse February 18th, 2016

Today on OOM we’re honoring civil rights icon Jackie Robinson. Sharon Robinson, author and daughter of the baseball great, recently sat down to record a Scholastic Reads ...

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Debuts to watch for in 2016

Brooke Shearouse February 16th, 2016

At Scholastic we have the privilege of publishing books written by critically acclaimed and award-winning authors and illustrators. Additionally, we are excited to...

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Brooke Shearouse February 12th, 2016

Today on OOM we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with a roundup of sweet new reads from Scholastic. From the love between a mom and baby to blossoming attraction between new...

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Celebrate Presidents’ Day

Brooke Shearouse February 11th, 2016

Today on OOM we’re taking the time to celebrate Presidents’ Day. Originally established in 1885 in recognition of President George Washington, the third Monday of every...

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Celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year

Brooke Shearouse February 9th, 2016

Today on OOM we’re celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year. My Lucky Little Dragon by Joyce Wan is an adorable board book that is perfect for...

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Celebrate Black History Month

Brooke Shearouse February 1st, 2016

February is Black History Month, an annual celebration of the achievements of the brave and incredible African Americans who had central roles in shaping U.S. history....

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