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In Our Feeds: Chipotle, a treehouse, Seinfeld and more!

Alexandra Wladich June 26th, 2015

Every Friday, we share a handful of links that we found funny, provocative or just plain cool. We call it In Our Feeds. Have a great weekend!

From the...

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Ways to support learning at home this summer

Alexandra Wladich June 24th, 2015

During the summer months there any many ways parents and community organizations can support and encourage learning for children. As research has shown, children who have...

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A “lending library” for Pre-K families

Alexandra Wladich June 9th, 2015

To spark a love of reading in students at an early age and encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s education, Rochester City School District in New York...

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The power of choice and reading out loud to older children

Alexandra Wladich June 4th, 2015

We all know that the power of choice matter to kids. According to the “Kids & Family Reading ReportTM: 5th edition,” 91% of kids ages 6–17 said that their favorite...

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Scholastic names the 2015 180 Award Winners for success in reading and math

Alexandra Wladich May 11th, 2015

Each year during the 180 Awards I am reminded of the amazing work done in schools across the country and the tremendous accomplishments by students and educators despite...

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Teachers' Guide to Getting Hired

Alexandra Wladich May 7th, 2015

With graduation right around the corner we thought this would be a great time to share the “Teachers’ Guide to Getting Hired” from Instructor Magazine. From the...

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Happy National Teacher Day!

Alexandra Wladich May 5th, 2015

Today is National Teacher Day, a part of the National Education Association’s (NEA) annual Teacher Appreciation Week which honors teachers across the country. It’s no...

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Mathematics gets an “extreme makeover”

Alexandra Wladich April 14th, 2015

What are two things you need to build a house? We’ve teamed up with Ty Pennington, best known for hosting ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, to show students...

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Writing tip: be fearless

Alexandra Wladich April 13th, 2015

As you have heard, and probably read about here and here, April is National Card and Letter Writing Month.

Ways to support students with autism

Alexandra Wladich April 3rd, 2015

April is National Autism Awareness Month. According to the Autism Society, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental disability which generally appears in...

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